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Equine Specialists

Like specialists in human medicine, veterinary specialists have extensive experience and expertise in a relatively narrow aspect of veterinary medicine, providing services that might be beyond what is possible in general practice. .

Equine Behaviour

Despite thousands of years of human domestication, modern horses are still scared little critters trying to avoid being eaten by apex predators. Keeping this in mind may help you interpret their behaviour better, and keep you and your horse safe.

The Evolution of the Horse

The modern horse comes in many shapes, sizes and styles. However, it may surprise some people to know that modern horses (Equus Caballus) encompass all breeds - from Miniature horses through to large breeds like the Suffolk Punch, Clydesdale and Percheron. Therefore, they all share the same grass-based diet, and the same dental structure. Dr Shannon Lee digs into the details.

Managing Your Horse's Condition

Dr Shannon Lee talks with Dr Jennifer Stewart about Body Condition Scoring and how you can use this important tool to keep your horse in top condition.

The Horse's Immune System

Vaccination plays an important part in keeping your horse's immune system primed and ready to deal with any diseases and infections it may get. 

Skin Conditions in Horses

When dealing with skin diseases, it is important to realise the changes that we see can be primary - a direct result of the skin disease or condition, or secondary. Dr Robin van den Boom takes us through skin conditions in horses.

What's in that mouth?

Horses, being by their very nature an animal that is both curious and cautious, are often prone to both oral injury and the ingestion of unusual or foreign objects. So, what do you think might be some of the more commonly found items inside horses mouths, and what can be done about them?

Lumps and Bumps in Horses

This video discusses Lumps in Bumps in Horses, the variety of causes for them, and likely approaches to treating them where possible.

Stereotypies in Horses

Stereotypies are therefore thought to be a result of domestication and changes in the way the horse is kept. Find out more about Stereotypies in this EDVtv Video.

Dental X-rays for Horses

Dr Shannon Lee discusses a specific case where X-rays revealed a big problem for a horse that in most other respects did not display any symptoms of having anything wrong.

Young Horse Developmental Problems

Dr Shannon Lee describes common dental abnormalities that occur in horses, ponies and miniature horses, which need to be rectified as early as 12 weeks of age.

The things horse owners believe

What makes vets laugh can also make them cry.

Foot Infection in the Horse

Dr Luke Wells-Smith takes us through the possible causes of abcesses and lameness in horses, what to look for and how it is diagnosed and treated.

Nutrition for the Equine Athlete

Feeding your champion horse the best feed? Got the best trainer? Giving that horse all the best treatments? Your superstar may still not live up to your expectations. Dr John Chopin, Equine Reproduction Specialist, tells us why we may have missed out on that equine champion through neglecting possibly the most important part of its development - before it is born.

Your Horse's First Dental Exam

Dr Gilll Rickard of Illawarra Equine discusses when your horse should have its first dental exam, and advice on how to approach caring for your young horse.

Heart Disease in Horses

Heart disease in horses can cause poor performance since it is directly related to the ability of the heart to pump blood loaded with oxygen around the body. If the pumping ability is reduced, then the body does not get enough oxygen and poor performance occurs. From mild forms that may result in poor performance to severe disease, collapse or even death, heart disease in horses is more common than...