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All our EDVTV videos feature and are produced by veterinary professionals, so you can be sure your getting up-to-date, safe and reliable advice.

Respiratory Disease in Horses

Horses are elite athletes. Peak performance demands an optimally functioning respiratory system. In this video, Dr Deryck Tan discusses the equine respiratory system, what to diagnose respiratory disease, and treatment options.

Arthritis in Horses

Watch this video to learn about the causes, diagnosis and treatment of arthritis in horses, or equine osteoarthritis.

Gastric Ulceration in Horses

Dr Andy Lamont of Riverina Equine Veterinary Service introduces this EDV video on stomach ulcers in horses.

Bits and Bitting

One tip: flip the lip! This video presents helpful advice for bit selection and making sure your horse is bitted properly.

First Aid for Your Horse

Dr Olivia James of Brindabella Equine Mobile Veterinary Services shares top tips about being prepared to give first aid for your horse in case of an accident.

Laminitis in Horses

Dr Luke Wells-Smith from the Equine Podiatry and Lameness Centre in Muswellbrook, NSW Australia introduces this video on laminitis, what causes it, how it can be treated and what you should look out for in your horse.


Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis, or EOTRH, is a form of periodontal disease and shares similarities with diseases found in cats and people that cause oral resorption of dental tissues.

Worms and Parasites in Horses

Dr Suzanne Polak from Canberra Equine Hospital discusses worms and parasites in horses.

Embryo Transfer

Dr Gill Rickard of Illawarra Equine Centre discusses embro transfer in mares - how it's done and why is it used.

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Melanomas in Grey Horses

This video discusses melanomas in grey horses, which are the most susceptible to the condition, though all horses can develop melanomas.

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Equine Dental Anatomy

Equine dental anatomy is presented in an informative and easy-to-follow format.

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Caring for Your Horse's Penis

Dr Rebecca Walshe of Canberra Equine Hospital discusses the appropriate management of geldings' and stallions' sheaths and penises.

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Body Condition Scoring for Horses

Dr Shannon Lee talks with Dr Jennifer Stewart about Body Condition Scoring and how you can this tool to keep your horse in top condition.

Horse Teeth

Assoc. Prof. Gary Wilson talks to Dr Shannon Lee about horse teeth.

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Sinus Disease in Horses

Snotty noses and all those other symptoms that make you feel miserable, are fairly common in horses. Without a thorough investigation, diagnosis and treatment of the underlying cause, sinus disease can become chronic, and will severely limit the horse's health and performance. 

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Horse Pain Relief

Dr Shannon Lee talks with Dr Chris Quinn, Lecturer in Veterinary Anaesthesia, about pain in horses and how anaesthesia and sedation are used by professional vets to assist in treating horses with injuries or requiring major surgical intervention.

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